The creation process always begins in the mind of your client. They have a moment in a love story, a memory or a dream and hand that emotional need to you. Your challenge is to turn that emotional vision into a tangible reality. How you complete that quest will differentiate your company from everyone else they Hand Workcould have possibly entrusted with this task. Simple "fill in blanks" and mass produced ring models have no meaning here, there has to be a story behind the creation process.  That story is their love, your company's history and ours. These stories combine to create something unique and beautiful, a hand crafted heirloom that freezes a moment in time, forever.


Creating such an item takes time and effort; a master craftsman should never be rushed. Our team at Crescent Wedding Rings embraces your promise and your commitment to a "one of a kind" creation. Each ring is individually crafted according to finger size and the stone layout provided.  They are then painstakingly set by hand, polished and inspected.

This vision, created in the mind of your client has finally has taken shape and substance in the world. When you proudly present this ring to your anxious customer you can feel the emotions. Together we have fulfilled what was once only a wish, to transform a moment into a permanent statement of love and beauty.

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